Tried holding your breath but could not go past 2 minutes? Have been training for a while but still stuck at around 4? Or simply never tried yet? This course is for you. Created by one of the most experienced freedivers, 10.30min breathhold record holder, this training program will bring you to the next level just within a couple of weeks.

  • 20-30 mintes per day

    3-5 times per week

  • Anywhere you want

    even in your bed

  • Minimum equipment

    which can be replaced by home items

How it works

Course curriculum

    1. Medical form

    1. 3m THEORY

    2. SAFETY

    3. 3m TRAINING 1

    4. 3m TRAINING 2

    5. 3m TRAINING 3

    6. 3m TRAINING 4

    7. 3m TRAINING 5

    8. 3m TRAINING 6

    9. 3m TRAINING 7

    1. 4 THEORY

    2. SAFETY

    3. 4m TRAINING 1

    4. 4m TRAINING 2

    5. 4m TRAINING 3

    6. 4m TRAINING 4

    7. 4m TRAINING 5

    8. 4m TRAINING 6

    9. 4m TRAINING 7

    10. 4m TRAINING 8

    11. 4m TRAINING 9

    12. 4m TRAINING 10

    13. 4m TRAINING 11

    14. 4m TRAINING 12

    15. 4m TRAINING 13

    16. 4m TRAINING 14

    1. SAFETY

    2. 5m TRAINING 1

    3. 5m TRAINING 2

    4. 5m TRAINING 3

    5. 5m TRAINING 4

    6. 5m TRAINING 5

    7. 5m TRAINING 6

    8. 5m TRAINING 7

    9. 5m TRAINING 8

About this course

  • $120.00
  • 35 lessons
  • 9 hours of video content

3 minutes

( 7-14 days )

Beginner level: start with the basics, learn about what's going on in your body while you are holding your breath, how to breathe correctly and more. Fully guided training sessions, press play and do it together with me.

4 minutes

(14 days - 1 month)

Intermediate level: continue your progress by going into more details of physiological processes happening on breath hold. Train at your own pace, take some days off and don't be shy to repeat some sessions twice or more (until you fill comfortable with performance).

5 minutes

(1-2 months)

Advanced level: jump into the training program after listening to the guidelines I give. Repeat each training at least 3 times (or more) until you reach the goal. Then move to the next one. No time limitation, just make sure you enjoy the process and progress gradually.

Plus get access to:

  • the Static Platform private Instagram page and will be able to watch your training videos directly on Instagram

  • breath-hold enthusiasts community, where you can ask questions and share your experience with other members of the program

  • monthly Q&A and lifestream sessions with your instructor, regular updates, tips and inspiration videos

Meet your instructor

Florian Dagoury

Freediving Instructor Trainer with over 10 years of experience, passionate about Static apnea discipline. World #1 STA ranking (2021) with the breath-hold performance of 10.30 minutes.

What people are saying

“Training with Flo was amazing, I enjoyed it every time, it was challenging and Flo motivates you to achieve what you never thought possible from yourself, at a certain point STA becomes a mediation you get addicted to.”

Charles @island_freediver

“Florian is an excellent coach! His coaching <...> has extensively broadened my knowledge about freediving in terms of physiology and mental techniques, amongst other things. And, not unimportantly, within a month I already made tremendous progress in my performance thanks to his coaching! I am amazed by my progress. Thanks for everything!”

Janneke @vvulto

“If you wanna burn some bridges, learning from the best in the field and having some new PB dont look any further. @mr10minutes is a wizard.”

Walid @wal.ark

“Highly recommend! You have no idea how fun static could be!! @mr10minutes made it.”

Nata @natanielliu

“Flo's static program is just truly phenomenal. STA is more scientific and fun than one might think. Before Flo's program I was blindly going from one table to another, testing every single thing out <...> Flo knows the theory, the trainings, the obstacles about statics literally inside out, after the program you would have much more awareness of what's going on at different stages of your breath hold <...> A systematic training is essential, I've grew so so much the past 2 months and still going. I can't recommend him as a STA coach highly enough”

Leslie @leslietaur

“Beside being a great athlete, Flo is also a great instructor. A lot of knowledge, experience, and patience. I had huge progress in short time thanks to his methods and teachings.”

Roei @the.native.explorer

“Worth every penny!! If you want to train for comfortable dives and not having contractions this is your man vs most programs are just standard tables that do little to nothing to help real world diving in my opinion. For what you get he should be charging more!! And he has the best free content on the Internet IMO to help train to have the most comfortable dives.”

Chad @stclairchad

“The best in the game right now, he knows everything about everything. If you follow the training you will reach your goals 100% sure🙌🔥”

Niko @nikobujons

“Thanks to @mr10minutes STA became my favourite discipline”

Nicolas @apnea.nicolas

“Training online 3 weeks with Florian I have improved my first not warmed up static attempt from 2min30 to 4 min <...> I have got several new training techniques. The overall training process understanding have strongly improved. Stretching technique was strongly changed in right way using corresponding video and recommendations which Florian kindly shown and explained. And totally it was very pleasant and lucky to work with such nice man and one of the best freedivers as Florian.”

Evgeny @dr.xek


  • Which challenge should I start with: 3, 4 or 5 minutes?

    We recommend you start with 3 min challenge. Even if your performance is close to 4 or 5 minutes, we still do encourage you to watch 3min challenge Theory lesson. It contains all the essentials, which will make your breath-hold experience more enjoyable and your goals easier to achieve. After that, in case you consider yourself capable of doing more than 3min breath-hold at any time and any circumstances - you can skip 3min challenge training sessions and go straight to 4min challenge. 4 min challenge theory and training sessions are recommended for everyone, whose current level is up to 5 min.

  • Is there any support available, in case I am stuck or have questions?

    Yes, that's the main reason why we run our private Instagram page. You'll get access to the regular Q&A sessions and lifestreams - the best way to reach out to us and get valuable tips.

  • Is it possible to purchase challenges separately?

    You can not buy challenges separately on our platform. However, our training program is also presented as a part of Molchanovs base training programs. This is where you can purchase each challenge separately. PLEASE NOTE that you will not have access to our Private instagram page in this case, however you'll get your benefits from being a part of Molchanovs community.

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