You are already experienced in freediving and you are looking for an individual training approach to boost your skills without wasting time: One-on-One coaching with Florian will be great for you. A Tailor cut training program will be designed for you to boost your Static apnea performance, focus on dynamic disciplines or progress in depth. Florian will call you weekly for briefings, demonstrations and adjustments.

  • 1 month

    of intense training with the supervision and motivation of your personal coach

  • 5 video calls

    to catch up on your weekly progress, spot your strongest/weakest points, adjust training plan and progress

  • Unlimited access

    to a private student Instagram page with updates and extra tutorial videos. and a Copy of the Breath Hold Course (0 to 5min STA).

Course Curriculum

30 days training plan includes:

Detailed training plan with a list of exercises for Static Apnea, Dynamic Apnea, or Deep diving. Stretching routines, mental strategies, diet & supplements and cardio sessions. Explained by Florian during video calls each week.

Why hire a coach?

  • Coach gives you an honest feedback on your performance, spots whatever you are missing to reach higher performances

  • Coach has the experience you miss. You will learn tricks that will up your game fast

  • Coach holds you accountable. That means you have someone to answer to and give results to. Like homework at school. This will motivate you to be more disciplined with your training regiment weekly

  • Coach gives you the knowledge you desire without you searching for it. Staying on top the game requires constant research and testing. Focus on your training, your coach will provide the best solutions for you

  • Coach who has already been at the top level knows how to get there better than anyone. You won’t waste your time trying techniques that are not efficient for you.

Top Achievements

  • Ibrahim Al Salatni (OMAN) 3x Record (9.22min STA, 150m DYN, 150m DNF)

  • Jantakarn Jantanakul (THAILAND) 3x AIDA NR (161m DYN, 150m DYN-bi, 100m DNF)

  • Rami Bladlav (SWEDEN) 1xNR (9:08STA)

  • Lam Yuen (HONGKONG) 1xNR (7:03STA)

  • Renee Lynn (USA) 1xNR (77meters FIM)

  • Leslie Taur (CHINA) 1x CMAS NR (6.16STA)

  • Njok Skrlec (SLOVENIA) 1x Guinness WR

  • Inaki Santos (SPAIN) 2x NR (6:59min, 205m)

  • Jimantoro Lukito(INDONESIA)NR(6:55min)

  • 30+ more national records

What people are saying

“Flo is an amazing coach. I feel comfortable following his program. The structured training plans were nicely adapted to my schedule. I had learned so much about STA and a PB is around the corner”


“Training online 3 weeks with Florian I have improved my first not warmed up static attempt from 2min30 to 4 min. Using the video he sent, i doubled the speed and efficiency of my packing. I have got several new training techniques. The overall training process understanding have strongly improved. Stretching technique was strongly changed in right way using corresponding video and recommendations which Florian kindly shown and explained. And totally it was very pleasant and lucky to work with such nice man and one of the best freedivers as Florian”


“I was dealing with a mental block regarding contractions, up to a point that I couldn't stand them anymore, which had a big influence on dives and breath holds. Who better to ask then @mr1minutes. Flo really took his time with video calls, analysing me and targeting with specific exercises my situation. Flo is a great coach, very knowledgeable and I can only recommend the coaching. Thank you Flo.”


“4 weeks of online and personal coaching so far and my static PB has improved from 4:45 to 6:15 with a 7 minute goal for my first pool competition in 5 weeks from now. I wish I could stay in Bangkok for longer and train in personal to soak up Flo's knowledge but good thing I can always check in for a months coaching when I hit a plataeu in training no matter where I am in the world thanks to his online coaching plans. Florian @mr10minutes is the man, your expectations of what you thought would be achievable will change weekly when following his plan, and I set challenging goals.”


“Going to chip in and echo the above comments. I felt a bit embarrassed as a relative beginner seeking sta coaching from Flo - he's #2 in the world after all - but he put me at ease immediately with his relaxed, natural interaction. I love to know how my practice is connected to evidence and the first few sessions I asked Flo the rationale for everything and his level of understanding of sta science was . The 4-week program he put together for me was challenging but always at my level and the confidence I got with each success pushed me toward my goal of 6:30 starting from 6:00. In fact, in my final week I peaked at 7:00 which left me in disbelief. Thanks Flo!”


“Flo's static program is just truly phenomenal. STA is more scientific and fun than one might think. Before Flo's program I was blindly going from one table to another, testing every single thing out, without much in-depth knowledge of what exactly the different sensations were or mean. Flo knows the theory, the trainings, the obstacles about statics literally inside out, after the program you would have much more awareness of what's going on at different stages of your breath hold and by having this knowledge you can design and plan specific trainings to focus on and around your weaknesses. A systematic training is essential, I've grew so so much the past 2 months and still going. I can't recommend him as a STA coach highly enough - any plateau or problems, Flo definitely has the answer to, rest assure you're in good hands! Have fun holding your breath.”


“Let's be fair. the man is a mutant.. Training with Florian is a game changer! It is definitely not a walk in the park but results are solid. Proud to be one of his 3 students that broke the 9minute barrier. Static junkies this is the man you should address for your growth.”


“Helpt me to reach 9 minutes 👌”


“Fo is a leading resource in STA by significant margins over most of his peers. The community at large is incredibly lucky for his contributions.”


“With mr. 10minutes you will really growing your Freedive knowledge, skills, tricks. He has great knowledge in everything and this indicates knowledge and open mindedness. I really enjoyed training with him, and it was really helpful.”


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