Florian Dagoury (35yo, France)

Florian is a Freediving Instructor Trainer currently based in Thailand. For the past 10 years Florian and his team have taught freediving to 7000+ students, 300+ freediving instructors and coached many champions. In the early years of his career Florian was training mostly deep diving and achieved 90 meters in one breath. Over the following years he developed a soft spot for static apnea and made it his priority. Florian can now hold his breath for 10:30 minutes, which is World #1 STA performance (judged by AIDA, in 2021).

Training Approach & Philosophy

Florian uses Static Apnea as the foundation for all freediving disciplines. On top of the pool and depth training, he got used to do a daily routine of breath-holds and stretches. 30 minutes daily, dry alone or wet with a safety buddy. The goal is to develop the basic abilities: deep relaxation, Co2 tolerance, hypoxia resistance, lung capacity and mental techniques. « I’ve been following this fundamental routine for years and never felt better diving. I’m not trying to dive deeper. I’m trying to dive longer. Dive time is way more important to me than Max depth. I love staying at 5,10,20,30 meters for several minutes. My training will help Freedivers who struggle with the urge to breathe, hypoxia, mental stress & flexibility »